Monthly Archive: May 2016


Stool analysis, a better approach for gout diagnosis?

The problem Almost all clinical diagnosis of gout requires performing blood tests for blood uric acid concentration. However recent studies suggests that the This is because individuals suffered from gout are frequently in a stressed state, which causes reflective secretion...


14 Things you may not know about Gout

1. High UA levels don’t always mean Gout While 23 to 34 million Americans have levels, only 8 million actually have gout. Even when a joint suddenly swells and heats up, the only way to know it’s Gout is to...


Gout Pathogenesis Cycle

The Gout Pathogenesis Cycle The origin and development of Gout can be described in the cycle below starting from 0 – 6 and repeats from 1 – 6. 0. Hyperuricemia Attack starts on the joint. 1. Tophus Formation Crystals Forms...