About Me

Welcome to Gout Share. My name is Alfred Tong and I’m the author of this website. Like many viewers of this site, I’m a sufferer of Gout. My first gout attack occurred when I was at the age of 29 and I have experienced such attacks yearly since. I still remember the night that it had occurred, the pain was so intense that I had to visit the hospital.

Most gout patients develop gout around the joint regions of their foot, most commonly surrounding their big toe. Mine is uncommon as it had only caused the bottom of my foot to be swollen. Together combined with my young age this has caused several of the doctors that I visited to misdiagnose me with Plantar Fasciitis.

As I had later found, my ancestry from both sides of the family has had gout towards the later years of their lives. My father who also has gout experienced his problems in his 40s. Thus I’m genetically inclined to carry this misfortune too.

Many gout sufferers tend to be older in age and or overweight. I’m neither. However, I must confess that I have a tendency to not watch my diet and often lack exercise. These are definitely culprits that contributed to my early development of gout.

As such, I’m creating this website to hopefully document my findings, and educate myself and others of this disease.

I hope you find this site useful. I encourage you to leave comments and share your experiences so we can all benefit from living gout free!